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Mother's Day Brunch & Dinner Specials Available

We are now taking orders for Mother's Day! We will still be offering our full brunch and normal take out menu as well. See below for specials options. Since we are closed Mon-Wed, please e-mail all inquiries to, or place your order in advance at

When placing your order in advance, just select "Sunday" for your pick up date and the menu options will populate. For now, we will only be able to handle pick up orders on Sunday, if that changes we'll let you know.

Catered Brunch - $18/person

Trays of scrambled eggs, pancakes, french toast, bacon, home fries, mixed greens salad, and penne with chicken, broccoli & parmesan

Catered Dinner - $25/person

Mixed Greens Salad or Caesar Salad

Chicken Parmesan, Marsala, or Francese

Penne Vodka

Vegetable Medley

Fresh Bread

* add on Salmon for $5/person

Plated Dinner - *pending orders and interest

Prime Rib Dinner - $30

Salmon Dinner - $25

Chicken Francese or Marsala Dinner - $20

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