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Weekend Specials!

Our fresh weekend specials will be avialable for the next two weeks with limited supply each week, make sure to get yours today before we run out!

Coconut Lime Salmon - Seared salmon served with a coconut lime sauce over rice - $24

Seared Scallops - served over a pesto couscous - $25

Country Style Meatloaf - served with a mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes and broccoli - $18

Shrimp Cocktail - $12

We also now have Drippin' Tenders! Our crowd favorite buttermilk chicken tenders in any of our wing sauces - $11.

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Sometimes I also wanted to make my weekend special, but beer and other alcohol did not bring me enough spiritual relief. Then I found the site and decided to buy myself some rockstar tuna strain for relaxation. This was a real find for me. It turns out that the cannabis strain is great for relaxing and having fun. As a nice bonus, I get good sleep and cheerfulness for the whole work week.


Gabriel Frost
Gabriel Frost
Sep 08, 2021

Loved reading this tthanks

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